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Apr 2Terry Eve

Wow, Where Did Today Go?

Apr 2Terry Eve

Have you ever said to yourself “There just aren’t enough hours in the day?” Most entrepreneurs ask themselves that question daily. It may take different forms, but the meaning is the same, you just cannot do it all yourself!

A recent Fox Small Business article titled How Much Would You Pay for an Extra Hour a Day?”  By Donna Fuscaldo (Read Article) explored this question and while it focused primarily on information technology, (as described below a minding activity by definition), a B2B CFO® can truly help give you more time in your day. Some would pay $500 though it doesn’t make clear if that is per day or week to gain an extra hour per day. But assuming the amount is for a week, that is $26,000 per year, less than many full time employees’ wages.

To understand how, I will review the unofficial organization chart introduced in Jerry Mills’, C.E.O. and Founder of B2B CFO®, book, “The Danger Zone, Lost in the Growth Transition”. In the book Jerry makes the point that there are three distinct types of individuals and associated responsibilities. (Click here to buy a copy)

 The Unofficial Organization Chart

Finders – future thinkers

Finders lead the organization forward and live in the future. They focus on customers, company direction and strategy and other areas instrumental to the growth of the company.

Minders – historical view

Minders Live in the past and tell you where you have been. These individuals represent the administration, accounting and IT functions of the company.

Grinders – live for today

These folks punch the clock, leave at the end of their shift and come back tomorrow to do it all over again. They live in the present and represent operations, manufacturing personnel and others that make it happen for your company every day.


A frequent problem as addressed in the Fox small business article is the entrepreneur being drawn into minding activities. Worrying about cash flow, dealing with banks, not getting accurate financial information and time spent with accounting trying to figure out why and of course as discussed in the article Information Technology matters.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are critical to get right, but as Jerry points out in his book, if you are not spending time with your customers, your competitor is!

B2B CFO® to the Rescue!

We are professional minders and we work with business owners to help them focus on the things that are important to them. More time for customers and/or family, peace of mind, and getting the feeling that they are working “On the Business, not In the Business” as recommended by Gerber are all benefits of having someone else worrying about minding activities. And the cost is typically very affordable for full-time experience at a part-time price!

Finders Return to Taking Care of Business!

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