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Clint’s Bio

Clint has been advising publicly held and privately owned businesses since 1975. His background includes working in public accounting, assisting start-up entrepreneurial companies, ownership of several enterprises, serving as CFO to three public companies, raising over $100 million in funding and performing financial turn-arounds. His diverse background has given him a depth of knowledge to resolve issues not only in the financial arena, but to assist business owners in analyzing and improving all areas of their operations. As an entrepreneur, business owner and analytical C-level finance officer, he has started and run companies as well as taken existing companies and improved their processes, controls, procedures and profitability.

As both a consultant and CFO, Clint’s career has served the following industries: software/web development, telecommunication, real estate, construction, retail and wholesale distribution, foreign and domestic manufacturing, printing/packaging, entertainment facilities, waste management and professional services. He has employed tools that cross industries and key metrics specific to an industry to develop strategic plans, financing maps, dashboards, cost containment and cost reduction along with revenue raising programs and owner exit strategies.

Clint has held the CFO, VP of Finance and Administration, Board member, corporate Secretary and business owner positions with various size companies ranging from start-ups to $140 Million in sales. This has placed him in a position responsible for creating and managing not only finance, but the HR functions, IT departments, marketing/sales programs and production activities. He has negotiated contracts, lending agreements, shareholder arrangements and buy-sell deals, settled vendor obligations for pennies on the dollar and brought in new investors. Clint has extensive merger and acquisition experience; from identifying, analyzing, negotiating to closing the deals. He has been successful on both the buying and selling side.

Clint’s depth of experience has given him the edge on what is important to the health and growth of a business. He builds teams and works with the key movers in the business to build value, grow and protect cash and achieve the owners’ personal goals. His knowledge and experience with IPOs, reverse mergers, succession planning and buy-sell tactics help map an exit strategy that fits the situation and goals of stakeholders.

Clint formerly taught in the evening faculty of several undergraduate and graduate schools and has done extensive speaking and training seminars. His finely honed communication skills equip him to work with personnel at all levels to create timely financial reports, implement internal controls, utilize software solutions to reduce personnel costs and generate accurate financial and tax reporting systems. He is skilled at taking complex ideas and programs and presenting them in an easy, simple and transferable format for others to learn and implement. Not only does Clint educate all involved, he also rolls up his sleeves and gets it done when it needs to get done.

Clint graduated college at age 20 and immediately sat for the CPA exam, which he passed on the first sitting. In addition to that, his diverse background also includes extensive experience with over sixty different general ledger software packages operating on various platforms from the pc to the IBM AS400. His experience has included writing software programs in several different programming languages and database integration on multiple platforms. He has spearheaded and managed numerous software integrations and migrations; mobilizing the team and efficiently and cost effectively making change happen.

Clint is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Masters of Science degree in Taxation. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and former Rotarian. He has served on various charitable Boards and committees and performs charitable work throughout the Greater Miami community. Clint lives on Miami Beach with Jennifer, his wife and partner since 1999. Clint enjoys ballroom dancing, tennis, ice skating, guitar playing, photography and writing when he is not crunching spreadsheets.

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There’s a lot of noise on the accounting circuits about whether a company should maintain a fixed budget or employ a rolling forecast (some refer to this as changing the budget midway through the game). The arguments on both sides are interesting and compelling. This reminds me of the arguments years ago on zero based budgeting (during the presidency of Jimmy Carter, this was hot). So now we have the conventional budget, the zero based budget and the rolling budget,

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Remember the old adage, Goals are Dreams with deadlines? So if dreams are fun, why are goals so difficult? Now, Mark Murphy, in his book “Hard Goals: The Secret to Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be,” makes it even tougher. But it’s a good tough. Murphy believes that managers and companies really don’t see it properly when it comes to goal setting. The concept of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) has been

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In tough times and with the day to day activity of just running the business, it is easy to get distracted and forget some basic business fundamentals. Here are three important “musts” to keep in the forefront of your mind. Cash Is King. Manage it with the attention it deserves. Cash is what keeps your business alive. Without cash, you have no business. Make sure you have a current statement of cash flows. This is perhaps the most important report

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I have been reading and re-reading the book “How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci” by Michael J. Gelb. I want to be creative. I am in a profession that is known for not being creative, but consistent. Accounting, I am told, is boring. I refuse to be boring. So what makes one creative? The first criteria, in my view, is curiosity. You want to know how something works; you want to know what makes “it” tick and how it

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